Bruce Sato




Toy Designer


Mechanical Engineering
Eastern Philosophy

Voiced by:

Doug Stone

First Appearance:

The Deathstone (Episode 01)




Rhino (Season 1)
Dynamo (Split Seconds)

Adventure Pack:

Rescue Mission


Lifter (Rhino)
New Lifter (Dynamo)
Grasshopper (Rescue Mission)

Bruce Sato is a mechanical engineer and an agent of M.A.S.K..

Activities with M.A.S.K. Edit

Mechanical Engineering and Eastern Philosophy.

For unknown reasons like Hondo McLean, Bruce Sato did not appear in the Season 2 Racing Series.

Personality Edit

Quotes Edit

One of Sato's distinguishing traits is his ability to express himself in Confuscian riddles that make sense only to Matt Trakker. For a list of these "Satoisms", see List of Satoisms.

  • "I think now is a good time to quote T-Bob. "Whooooooooo~" (Quest for the Canyon)
  • "Pogo Stick?" (Reply to Matt Tracker when being asked what he can make of several damaged M.A.S.K. vehicles)
  • "Lifter on!"

Comics Edit

Episode Appearances Edit

  • 01-The Deathstone
  • 02-The Star Chariot
  • 03-The Book of Power
  • 04-Highway to Terror
  • 05-Video VENOM
  • 06-Dinosaur Boy
  • 08-The Roteks
  • 09-The OZ Effect
  • 10-Death From the Sky
  • 11-The Magma Mole
  • 12-Solaria Park
  • 14-Assault on Liberty
  • 15-The Sceptre of Rajim
  • 16-The Golden Goddess
  • 17-Mystery of the Rings
  • 20-Cold Fever
  • 22-The Secret of Life
  • 23-Vanishing Point
  • 24-Counter-Clockwise Caper
  • 25-The Plant Show
  • 26-Secret of the Andes
  • 27-Panda Power
  • 28-Blackout
  • 29-A Matter of Gravity
  • 32-The Currency of Conspiracy
  • 33-Caesar's Sword
  • 37-The Sacred Rock
  • 40-Eyes of the Skull
  • 41-Stop Motion
  • 43-The Chinese Scorpion
  • 44-The Riddle of the Raven Master
  • 47-The Lost Fleet
  • 48-Quest of the Canyon
  • 53-Patchwork Puzzle
  • 54-Fog on Boulder Hill
  • 55-Plunder of Glowworm Grotto
  • 61-Treasure of the Nazca Plain
  • 62-Dissapearing Act
  • 63-Gate to Darkness
  • 64-The Manakara Giant
  • 65-Raiders of the Orient Express (Final Appearance)

Action Figures Edit

  • Action figure packaged with Rhino and Matt Trakker figure with Lifter and Ultra Flash masks (1985)
  • Action figure 2 pack set packaged with Brad Turner (1986)
  • Split-Seconds Action figure and Clone with Lifter mask, packaged with Dynamo (1987)

Behind the Scenes Edit

Bruce Sato was voiced by Doug Stone.

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