Bruce Sato
Bruce Sato




Toy Designer


Mechanical Engineering
Eastern Philosophy

Voiced by:

Doug Stone

First Appearance:

The Deathstone (Episode 01)




Rhino (Season 1)
Dynamo (Split Seconds)

Adventure Pack:

Rescue Mission


Lifter (Rhino)
New Lifter (Dynamo)
Grasshopper (Rescue Mission)

Bruce Sato is a mechanical engineer and an agent of M.A.S.K.. He, Alex Sector and Buddy (Clutch) Hawks are the M.A.S.K. agents mostly responsible for development and maintenance of the vehicles.

Activities with M.A.S.K. Edit

His specialties are mechanical engineering and Eastern philosophy.

For unknown reasons, like Hondo McLean, Bruce Sato did not appear in the Season 2 Racing Series.

Personality Edit

Quotes Edit

One of Sato's distinctive character traits is his propensity for speaking in Confucian aphorisms that make sense only to Matt Trakker. For a list of these "Satoisms", see List of Satoisms.

  • "Lifter, on!"
  • "I think now is a good time to quote T-Bob: Whoooooooooaaaa!" (Quest for the Canyon)
  • "Pogo stick?" (Reply to Matt upon being asked what he can make of several damaged M.A.S.K. vehicles)

Comics Edit

Episode Appearances Edit

  • 01-The Deathstone
  • 02-The Star Chariot
  • 03-The Book of Power
  • 04-Highway to Terror
  • 05-Video VENOM
  • 06-Dinosaur Boy
  • 08-The Roteks
  • 09-The OZ Effect
  • 10-Death From the Sky
  • 11-The Magma Mole
  • 12-Solaria Park
  • 14-Assault on Liberty
  • 15-The Sceptre of Rajim
  • 16-The Golden Goddess
  • 17-Mystery of the Rings
  • 20-Cold Fever
  • 22-The Secret of Life
  • 23-Vanishing Point
  • 24-Counter-Clockwise Caper
  • 25-The Plant Show
  • 26-Secret of the Andes
  • 27-Panda Power
  • 28-Blackout
  • 29-A Matter of Gravity
  • 32-The Currency of Conspiracy
  • 33-Caesar's Sword
  • 37-The Sacred Rock
  • 40-Eyes of the Skull
  • 41-Stop Motion
  • 43-The Chinese Scorpion
  • 44-The Riddle of the Raven Master
  • 47-The Lost Fleet
  • 48-Quest of the Canyon
  • 53-Patchwork Puzzle
  • 54-Fog on Boulder Hill
  • 55-Plunder of Glowworm Grotto
  • 61-Treasure of the Nazca Plain
  • 62-Dissapearing Act
  • 63-Gate to Darkness
  • 64-The Manakara Giant
  • 65-Raiders of the Orient Express (Final Appearance)

Action Figures Edit

  • Action figure packaged with Rhino and Matt Trakker figure with Lifter and Ultra Flash masks (1985)
  • Action figure 2 pack set packaged with Brad Turner (1986)
  • Split-Seconds Action figure and Clone with Lifter mask, packaged with Dynamo (1987)

Behind the Scenes Edit

Bruce Sato was voiced by Doug Stone.