Jacques LaFleur




Lumberjack and Carpenter


Expertise in Natural Disasters
Martial Arts
Monster Truck Driver

Voiced by:

Brendan McKane

First Appearance:

The Lost Fleet (Episode 47)




Volcano (Offical)
Detonator (Split Seconds)


Maraj (Volcano)
New Maraj (Detonator)

Jacques LaFleur is a foreign agent of M.A.S.K. who lives in Canada. He speaks with a thick french-accent.

Activities with MASK Edit

An expert on natural disasters and a skilled martial artist, Jacques is one of the bravest and toughest M.A.S.K agents, even in calm. Also a monster-truck driver, is the only one who can drive Volcano with total precision.

Episode Appearances Edit

  • 47-The Lost Fleet
  • 53-Patchwork Puzzle
  • 56-Stone Trees
  • 58-The Creeping Desert
  • 60-Venice Menace
  • 69-The Battle of the Giants

Behind the Scenes Edit

Jacques LaFleur was voiced by Brendan McKane.

Action Figures Edit

  • European release action figure with Maraj mask with Matt Trakker and Lava Shot mask
  • Action figure with Maraj mask packaged with Volcano and Matt Trakker with Lava Shot mask (1986)
  • Action figure with New Maraj mask and clone, packaged with Detonator (1987)

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