Sly Rax


Shoots Amounts of Tip Cutting Darts or Kunais

First Used in Episode:

The Deathstone (Episode 01)

Stiletto is Sly Rax's main mask. Often used when Rax is onboard Piranha.

His mask, shoots an unlimited supply of miniature barbed tip darts. The mask itself can form the darts out of dust in the air and solidify them into diamond hard carbon darts within seconds and fire them in rapid bursts much like a machine gun. Because of this process the darts themselves appear to glow from the process making them look like they form out of light instead of solid material.

Stiletto mask can overheat after prolonged use at full intensity so it is often used in short bursts and sniper like accuracy shots for short periods of time.

The mask has a built in line of sight guidance system that will shoot the darts wherever Rax focuses his eyes making it accurate enough to shoot a gun from the hand of an enemy to being able to stick a grown man to a wall by pinning his clothing in an outline to most any surface and once lodged in an object they can be extremely hard to dislodge.

Stiletto Mask can also make a water tight seal around the wearer when submerged in water and has a small oxygen supply and miniaturized rebreather technology contained within it to allow Rax to breath underwater for short spans of time.