For the metal-eating insect, see Rotek.

The Roteks
Mask roteks01

Original Airdate:

October 9, 1985


08 of 65 in Season 1


08 of 75 overall

Previous Episode:

The Ultimate Weapon

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The Oz Effect


Written by:

S.S. Wilson

While on a camping trip with his father and T-Bob, Scott tests a bird caller that he built for a science project. Shortly after, their trailer is destroyed by a swarm of metal eating insects. Matt learns that those insects are called Roteks, a biological weapon for military purposes. One colony of Roteks is missing and the time until they multiply is running out quickly. M.A.S.K. is in for a race against time to find and capture the Roteks before that happens. But of course, VENOM also wants the Roteks...

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